Larry Mac: Richmond racing was as good as it gets

There was plenty of action throughout the race Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway, with drivers giving it their all to score the win. 

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

I left the television booth at Richmond Saturday night as both a broadcaster and a race fan. After what we witnessed during that race, I simply don’t know of anything else a fan could be looking for in a race. I even went on Twitter afterwards and was adamant that if collectively we didn’t fulfill your needs as a race fan, then maybe it’s time you look into a new sport. I just say that with confidence.

Sure there is a little bit of a cloud over the race about the tire issues. Those still have me scratching my head. In a weird sort of way, that actually added to the race. We know in today’s NASCAR that any time we have a restart that it’s going to be exciting. Needless to say, Saturday night we had plenty of cautions and plenty of restarts.

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We had people mad at each other after the race. Hey, its short-track racing at its finest. We had guys throwing punches. I’ve said it before, as long as the drivers don’t use their cars to go at each other, then by golly I am ok with that. I also don’t completely agree with Brad Keselowski being mad for the way Matt Kenseth raced him. Look, it was less than ten laps to go in the race. You do what you have to do whether its shove, push, block just whatever you have to do to try to win a race.

That’s the mentality of these drivers today. It’s not about a good solid finish. It’s not about a good point’s race. It’s about doing anything and everything to win a race. To me that’s as good as it gets. The Good Lord cannot convince me that we need to change anything in the future. Why in the world does NASCAR want to change anything in what we have right now?

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud everybody for always looking ahead and working on ways to possibly make things even better. It doesn’t matter if it’s Goodyear, NASCAR, the drivers, the teams, whoever is exploring ways to make the product better. I know you can’t sit idle because sooner or later you are going to be going backwards, but right now it is pretty darn good. I promise you this too. This weekend at Talladega won’t let us down either.