Kyle Larson flies differently compared to other NASCAR drivers

There are a number of NASCAR drivers who have their own private jets to haul them around the country.

Kyle Larson isn’t one of them.

Last week, fresh of NASCAR’s West Coast swing, Larson tweeted about a day of frustrating airline delays before heading to Martinsville Speedway.

Larson is an extraordinary talent in a race car, but when it comes to the way he travels, he’s more relatable to the rest of us.

“Yeah, I fly commercial as much as I can and fly with the team,” Larson said. “That’s a lot of money to be private flying, especially to the West Coast. I’m cheap with my money when it comes to flying. And, I like to rack up the miles so I can maybe get some free trips.”

Larson admitted more people recognize him at the airport now that he has two Monster Energy Series wins under his belt and a threat to win on a regular basis.

“They recognize me just a little bit. I’m better now,” Larson said.

For a while, Larson flew coach. But the frugal 24-year-old figured it was finally time to break down and at least fly at the front of the plane.

“I’ll purchase a first class ticket now,” said Larson. “But, a couple of years ago, I know (Ricky) Stenhouse and Danica (Patrick), obviously she’s a very wealthy person, but she doesn’t understand why I would purchase a coach ticket when coach is $120 versus first class being $500.

“I’m going to save that money,” he added. “But now, I fly first class. And, too, Owen (his son) is older than 2 years now, so you have to purchase him a seat, which really stinks.”

Larson also shared that he actually likes commercial flying over the Chip Ganassi Racing team bird.

“I’ll fly commercial as much as I can, especially the west coast stuff,” Larson said. “I think commercial is better. The team plane, you have to stop for fuel. No Wi-Fi. Commercial’s not bad.”

Despite a more expensive first class ticket that Larson is hesitant to purchase, he’s still able to save a few pennies by skipping out on the airplane snacks.

“I sleep,” he said. “Sleep is more important than those.”