No distractions: Kurt Busch remains focused on the 2015 season

As Kurt Busch took questions Tuesday during the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour presented by Technocom, he tried to focus on the upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season and not the bitter split with his former girlfriend.

Busch, the 2004 Sprint Cup champion, is being investigated for alleged domestic abuse of his former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, during last September’s race weekend at Dover International Speedway. 

As part of her testimony at a hearing for a no-contact order against Busch, Driscoll accused Busch of being depressed and suffering from alcoholism. Busch, meanwhile, claimed she was a trained assassin that killed drug lords in the past.

Fielding questions during Tuesday’s Stewart-Haas Racing media tour stop, Busch remained tight-lipped about the hearings and tried his best to keep the focus on the upcoming season.

Busch did indicate he had no knowledge of "any type of date or any type of answer" for the conclusion of the investigation, saying it "takes a lot of patience" to wait on the outcome.

Busch would not elaborate on whether NASCAR has contacted him about possible outcomes of the hearing, contending that all sides are waiting on the court’s decision.

A ruling on Driscoll’s request for a no-contact order is expected to come in the next few weeks, as well as a decision on whether Busch will face criminal charges.

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"We just have to wait on the decision from the Dover (Del.) Police Department and the investigation that is still ongoing," he said. "We’ll see how all that turns out."

Busch remains committed to the testimony he provided about Driscoll.

"My right hand was on the Bible, and I swore under oath to tell the truth," he said.

Busch also pushed aside claims that he was struggling with depression and alcoholism, saying he was not on the media tour to discuss such matters and his track record proves his capabilities.

"We’re all focused on the season ahead and racing hard," he said. "Obviously it would be difficult to have all those symptoms as well as race at the top level and finish sixth in the Indy 500 and things like that."

Busch said he has received strong support from his Stewart-Haas Racing team and co-owner Tony Stewart.

"It’s great to have the support of Stewart-Haas Racing, and for all of us to give it to Tony, and vice versa. It’s very fitting," he said.

When Busch and Kevin Harvick joined SHR in 2014, many thought the personalities of the team’s four drivers would clash and become a boiling kettle just waiting to explode.

But that turned out not to be the case.

"Everybody helps one another, and it’s great to have the fraternity of Stewart-Haas friends, drivers, even management. Family, friends, you name it, there’s been a lot of support," he said. "It helps you get through some of the questions you might have, but it’s easy to sit here and feel refreshed about a season that is upcoming, because I’m standing on the truth."