Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick have a $100,000 bet to spice up the Truck Series

As they say, “haters gon’ hate,” especially when you’re winning. But are those same “haters” ready to put their money where their mouth is?

Indeed, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch won the Las Vegas Truck Series on Friday night, extending his victory streak to seven consecutive Truck Series races — and fellow Cup driver Kyle Larson had something to say about it:

Dictionary time! “Cherry-picking” is defined as the action or practice of choosing and taking only the most beneficial or profitable items or opportunities. And Larson apparently thought that applied to Busch’s success, since, as a Cup driver, “Rowdy” is limited to five Truck races a year — races he gets to pick.

But a former foe turned friend has Busch’s back.

And then, Kevin Harvick did a little bit more…

Harvick is not the only one in on the action. Marcus Lemonis – CEO of Gander Outdoors, the Truck Series title sponsor – joined the party soon after.

Meanwhile, nothing was shaking Busch’s confidence.

You can’t be too disappointed if Busch remains undefeated. If he wins, others will win along with him.

The funds wagered on his victory will be given to the Bundle of Joy Fund – an organization founded by him and his wife – that helps couples who need fertility treatments to conceive.

The four chances are as follows: Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 14, Homestead-Miami Speedway on March 20, Texas Motor Speedway on March 27 and Kansas Speedway on May 30.

The rules are simple:

Harvick wasn’t the only one taking this seriously.

Coca-Cola wanted in, urging Daytona 500 winner and Busch’s teammate Denny Hamlin to accept the challenge.

Challenge: Accepted.

But sometimes, being teammates has its advantages…

We’re only kidding. This is serious.

Teammate loyalties mean nothing.

And you already know, if it happens on social media, everyone will hear about it.

Now they’re kickin’…

We’re picking up steam…

We’re loving it!

Kyle, your winning ways have started something special.

We can’t wait until March 14.