Is Kevin Harvick virtually unbeatable at Auto Club Speedway?

If you are someone who actually bets on NASCAR racing, I don’t see how anyone could go to the betting window and not bet on Kevin Harvick this weekend. The man has already won two races this season. He’s also won five out of the past 10 races going back to 2014.

If that isn’t enough for you, he now has seven consecutive top-two finishes —which hasn’t been done since Richard Petty back in the mid-1970s.

So Kevin and his team are red hot. This is the third and final race of the West Coast Swing, as we are calling it. This is a two-mile racetrack with not a lot of banking. This track also doesn’t have a tremendous amount of grip, either. So the obvious question for Sunday becomes, is there anyone out there who can cool off Harvick?

I think the Hendrick Motorsports group will run well there. Also, like every other race week, you better not ever bet against the two-team Ford powerhouse of Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano over there at Team Penske. I expect them to be awfully good.

Now the guy I am really going to be keeping my eye on is the guy who had an awesome return to NASCAR Sprint Cup racing, and that’s Kurt Busch in the No. 41 car. What he did last week in Phoenix, to me, is still amazing. The other ones I am going to be watching — but I have a really big question of whether they will be able to contend — is the four Toyota teams of Joe Gibbs Racing.

The JGR teams are still a little better than they were a year ago when they only won two races, but I still think they are somewhat behind the competition. Remember back in 2013 they won 12 races. Unfortunately, this weekend is the one-year anniversary of Toyota’s last non-restrictor plate win.

So I am going to be watching them closely, but I really have my doubts about whether they are going to be able to get up there and compete with Harvick. To be fair, as hot as he is right now, I’m not sure who can get up there and run with Kevin.