The Kentucky rules package worked, but are more tweaks necessary?

I was very much impressed with what I saw from the new rules package Saturday night at Kentucky Speedway. I have to say I think NASCAR has gotten it pretty close to where it needs to be. It does make you wonder what the next tweak to the rules will be.

If you had a chance to hear Carl Edwards’ comments, he wants NASCAR to do more. Personally, I say let’s give them some horsepower back. Let’s give them 10 or 15 more horsepower back and leave the package the way it is for a little while. Then let’s see if Goodyear can come up with a tire that gives up just a hair more, and then watch what happens. I think you’ll really see these guys put on a show.

Now let’s be clear here: Saturday night was a great show. It was much better than we’ve had in a long time. We also saw the return of the guy in second being able to upset the guy ahead of him just enough to get by him without having to move him out of the way or turn him around.

I like what I saw Saturday night. It definitely was a step in the right direction. I think Saturday night was a great example of what our sport needs to get back to some great racing. That’s all we’ve ever wanted, right?

Let these drivers showcase their talent and give us some great racing. Saturday night at Kentucky Speedway was a darn good show.