Montoya, McMurray reach truce

Juan Pablo Montoya said Saturday that he’s patched things up with Jamie McMurray.

Montoya blew up at his new Chip Ganassi teammate after a wreck in last week’s race at Las Vegas. The two were running ninth and 10th midway through the race when McMurray lost control of his car and ran into Montoya.

Montoya unleashed words not fit for print on the team radio, and his wife weighed in on Twitter with a Spanish post that, roughly translated, said the McDonald’s clown must have been driving McMurray’s car.

But they’ve reached a truce.

"He sent me a text saying la-la-la-la and he was sorry and the whole thing," Montoya said. "I said, ‘Don’t worry about it. It happens.’ It’s racing. Move on. I was really (ticked) at the time because we (did not finish) the week before with an engine problem. And being taken out by your teammate is something you really don’t expect, but it happens."