Daytona 500 champ Joey Logano sheepishly admits that he gets car sick

'I don't let anyone drive me,' Joey Logano said.

Bob Leverone/NASCAR via Getty Images

You gotta give him credit for admitting it.

TMZ Sports caught up with Joey Logano before he competed in the Auto Club 400 on Sunday and was asked about his driving routine when he’s not facing some of the best drivers in the world.

Logano said he doesn’t let his wife drive when he’s in the car, but it’s the reason that will leave many fans dumbfounded: Logano gets car sick.

"She’s driven me a little bit, but not hardly ever," Logano said. "It’s not just my wife. I don’t let anyone drive me."

So, Logano can drive 180 mph with no issue, but if someone drives him, his stomach turns? Well, Logano took home the Daytona 500 in February so who are we to question him?