Joe Gibbs Racing on the ropes, but is it too late for a turnaround?

Teammates Denny Hamlin (left), Kyle Busch (center) and Matt Kenseth are searching for answers.

If you are a fan of Joe Gibbs Racing and a fan of math, then guess what — you aren’t going to like what I’m about to tell you. In the last three races, Matt Kenseth has had an average finish of 27.00, Denny Hamlin 19.67 and Kyle Busch 26.00. I think that organization is hitting a situation that we also see going on over at Roush Fenway Racing.

They seem to be off just that little bit on their cars. Their engine program seems to be a little off par from previous years. I think those factors have forced them to try some things, but unfortunately what they are trying really isn’t working, either. You can hear the growing frustration in the drivers’interviews.

This past Sunday the run that Matt was having at Sonoma, while not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, was at least a decent run until he got clipped by Dale Earnhardt Jr. I think that kind of luck is a mirror of the season they are having. For all the good luck Matt enjoyed last year winning seven times and fighting right down to the wire on the championship, the pendulum has definitely swung the other way for him so far this season.

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I think we are seeing an organization that is still somewhat behind with the new rules package, trying things that aren’t working and still a whole lot lost on what to do. Now don’t misunderstand, because I am not trying to say they should simply fold up their collective tents on the 2014 season.

There is plenty of racing to go. There is still plenty of time to turn things around. What better place for Matt, for instance, to get things pointed in the right direction than at Kentucky this weekend. He is the defending winner of this race. It’s a driver’s kind of racetrack. Matt’s teammate, Kyle Busch, won the first-ever race at Kentucky. There’s no reason why all three of their drivers can’t excel Saturday night at Kentucky Speedway.

This organization is too good to keep down for long. There is no reason to believe there is anything on their minds other than being laser-locked on getting things turned around. There’s still plenty of time for all three teams to turn things around, make the Chase and run for the championship.