Fontana is a home game for Toyota, but do Camrys have an edge?

Denny Hamlin drives his No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota in practice at Auto Club Speedway.

Harry How/Getty Images

This weekend at Auto Club Speedway is basically a home game for the Toyota teams as Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. is based nearby in Torrance, California.

Kyle Busch has won this race the past two years for Toyota, but obviously he is still sidelined by his accident at Daytona. I really look for the Toyota teams to make an effort to rally this weekend because, let’s be honest, they simply weren’t very good last weekend at Phoenix.

What’s been surprising has been the consistency of a 2015 newcomer to the Toyota ranks, Carl Edwards, compared to the other Toyota drivers. Maybe he can help them figure out what the others are missing. It really boils down to whether they have the power to get the job done at a place like Auto Club Speedway, where you want all the horsepower you can get and then even more.

I think we are going to see superspeedway-type racing more than ever before. Horsepower, drag and drafting are three words you are going to hear a lot about this weekend at this big, wide, two-mile racetrack. So a major storyline I am going to follow is what kind of package Toyota as a whole brings to the track this weekend.

Like I mentioned earlier, this race is like a home game for the Toyotas, so you have to believe they are going to bring something different. They really need some kind of breakthrough because they honestly haven’t had anything to crow about this year.

It’s about time for the Toyotas to make some noise, so what better place to do that than this weekend at Auto Club Speedway in their own backyard?