Jeff Gordon reveals track where he’s most likely to race after 2015

Eight-time Martinsville winner Jeff Gordon really likes the Virginia short track.

Jeff Zelevansky/NASCAR via Getty Images

Reiterating earlier statements that he doesn’t have concrete plans to race in 2016 or beyond, Jeff Gordon on Friday offered a clue on where he might race — if, in fact, he actually does.

"This has been a fantastic racetrack for me throughout my career," said Gordon, who sent ripple effects across the motorsports world with his revelation in late January that this would be his last full year in NASCAR’s top series. "Martinsville is probably the reason when we made the announcement in January (that) we left that little bit of window and door open. This is probably the first track that comes to mind for me that if I ran another race — not that I have plans to — that I’d do it at."

"Truck, Cup, maybe Late Model," said the 43-year-old driver. "I just love this track. The least amount of things change at Martinsville that changes at any other track we go to. Aerodynamics don’t make as big of a difference. Tires don’t change much here. The speeds may gradually change here. When you look at every other track on the circuit and especially the bigger tracks when aerodynamics start to make a huge difference, that changes how you drive the car, how you set up the car, and the knowledge you have to have of all the data and technology that’s going on with the cars. This one, you don’t have to worry that near as much."

"It hasn’t changed much since I first started racing in NASCAR," said Gordon, who joined NASCAR’s premier series in 1993. "It’s a cool, quaint little town. When we get time, we get out and go to some restaurants. Ever since they put the bus lot in back there, my favorite thing is that I drive to Martinsville. We don’t drive to tracks that often, so I really enjoy it. I have dinner with my family, say goodbye and I drive to Martinsville. I get here, enjoy the weekend, stay in the bus and work on trying to get a grandfather clock."