IndyCar’s Bernard: ‘I felt like dead man walking’

IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard took a week to ponder how he wanted to

address swirling speculation about discord within the series.

Bernard chose to post a message on his Twitter account, two days

after a successful Indianapolis 500, to let it be known that a team

owner was trying to get him fired.

”I felt like dead man walking,” he said before Sunday’s

Detroit Grand Prix. ”I had seven days to think about how I wanted

to put it out. I didn’t want to take anything away from the Indy


Bernard reiterated that he doesn’t regret posting what he

insisted was simply ”factual” information and insisted it wasn’t


”I wanted to get out in front of the problem,” he said. ”My

mentality is, if you back a kitten into a corner, you come out

fighting like a tiger, and that’s how I operate.”

The former Professional Bull Riders executive said he wants to

work with owners on solutions to address complaints such as

controlling cost certainty and believes progress was made during a

meeting with them Saturday. But he made it clear that he doesn’t

work for them.

”I am here for a board of directors,” Bernard said. ”That’s

who I answer to and I am confident that they support me very


Bernard said he’s encouraged by strong TV ratings at last week’s

Indy 500, particularly in the NASCAR-hotbed Charlotte, N.C.,

market, and predicts interest will grow as the series ambitiously

has five races in as many weeks in five states. The Detroit Grand

Prix was the second in the string and the next race will be June 9

in Texas followed by events in Wisconsin and Iowa.