Hamilton vows to stay aggressive at F1 Japanese GP

Lewis Hamilton said he will not temper his aggressive racing

style at this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix despite crashing out of

the past two Formula One races while attempting ambitious passing


Consecutive non-finishes mean the McLaren driver has dropped to

third in the drivers’ championship standings with 182 points – 20

behind leader Mark Webber of Red Bull with four races left.

The sharp drop does not put a title out of reach for the English

driver, who seized the points lead after winning the Canadian Grand

Prix in June before his slip.

”I’m looking at all the races, taking a step back and trying to

see how I can improve,” Hamilton said Thursday. ”You could just

drive around and not pass anyone but that’s not me and that’s not

going to happen.”

Hamilton’s McLaren teammate Jenson Button is fifth in the

standings and still in contention. But the McLaren duo have scored

just 81 points over five races since Germany, while Red Bull and

Ferrari have taken 134 and 154 respectively.

Despite the recent setbacks, Hamilton said he wasn’t giving up

on the championship race.

”There are still four races to go,” Hamilton said. ”Looking

back at this season and knowing how fast things can change, I still

feel optimistic so I’m going to work as hard as I can to finish


Hamilton was knocked out of the Singapore Grand Prix after a

mid-race collision with Webber, seriously damaging his chances for

the championship.

”You have to race sensibly and avoid incidents,” Hamilton

said. ”But when you are racing wheel-to-wheel, incidents happen. I

don’t think what happened in Singapore was anything unusual. That’s

just racing.”

With a figure-eight layout and multiple challenging curves,

Suzuka is a difficult test for drivers.

”There is a lot of downforce here,” Hamilton said. ”Probably

more opportunity to overtake and there is a lot of overtaking here

especially when its wet, which it could be on Sunday.”

Hamilton finished third in last year’s race at Suzuka, won by

Webber’s teammate Sebastian Vettel. The McLaren driver said he

expects another strong performance from Red Bull.

”Red Bull is going to be tough to beat,” Hamilton said. ”But

we are pushing hard so hopefully, we can close the gap on