Gordon creates energy drink to use as sponsor

Robby Gordon introduced a new energy drink Friday that he

developed as a potential revenue source for his race team.

Gordon said Speed Energy will be in stores soon, and he marked

the launch by featuring the product on the No. 7 Toyota he’ll race

this weekend at Talladega Superspeedway.

”We’re going to sell (so much) product that you’re going to

shake your head wondering how it happened,” Gordon said. ”It’s so

easy for me to promote this brand. It’s our brand. It’s about a

lifestyle that so many people dream about going fast.”

Gordon has experience in the energy drink market. He has

partnered previously with both Red Bull and Monster energy drinks

during his long career.

This time, he said he’s invested millions of his own money into

the drink, but did not disclose specific costs. He’s partnered with

his longtime attorney Steven Nichols as owners of the drink


”I understand this marketplace really well,” Gordon said. ”I

know what we need to do. My life is about speed, and that’s what we

do. The product is similar but different than the others, but at

the same time, we did it with the highest quality we could possibly

do in every part of the manufacturing side of it.

”You’ll see through our marketing program, it definitely will

be an extreme motorsports marketing plan that will take this brand


Gordon plans to use Speed Energy as a sponsor of his team, but

he was noncommittal on how much he’ll race next year. His initial

goal is to run the first five races of 2011, and then the ”fun”

events and large markets.

But it’s not clear if by ”fun” events, Gordon meant the

Indianapolis 500, the Dakar Rally or the Brickyard 400.

”Running a 36-race schedule doesn’t work for Robby Gordon,”

said Gordon. ”It’s over as far as that goes. We’re going to have a

lot of fun. We’ll show up and race NASCAR. NASCAR is something I

want to do. We’re going to win races again. I’m very frustrated

about the performance of our program.”

His frustration comes from funding, or in Gordon’s case, the

shortage of finances.

Gordon is currently 34th in the standings.