Gen-6 car has exceeded expectations

We are now exactly halfway through the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. There are eight races to go in our regular season, beginning in New Hampshire this weekend, and then the 10 Chase races.

I believe that not only has this new Generation-6 car lived up to all the hype about it going into the season, it has exceeded it.

Remember after the first race of the season, when there were people already screaming that “we need to do this and do that” to change the car already?

The reality is there has been very little fine-tuning on the car and we’ve seen some great races.

We’ve seen qualifying records fall and we’ve see some darn fast races.

Not only is all of this appealing to the drivers and teams, but it also has been very appealing to our No. 1 customer – the race fans.

Back when the Gen-5 car, better known as the Car of Tomorrow, was introduced, it took a lot of drivers and teams a lot of time to figure it out. That hasn’t been quite the case on this Gen-6 car.

Teams have seemingly gotten their arms around it quicker. I still maintain as good as the car has performed the first half of this season, there’s still even more to come.

I think that among the teams, the drivers, Goodyear and NASCAR, that everyone is more comfortable and now know what direction they need to go with it.

To me I think we are going to see races more intense, more dramatic and if it’s even possible, a better quality of racing than we’ve already seen this year.