Enjoying best season ever, is Logano now No. 1 driver at Team Penske?

Joey Logano (left) and teammate Brad Keselowski (right) both have three wins this season.

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

After his third win of the season at Bristol Saturday night, I think it is a fair statement to say Joey Logano has caught teammate Brad Keselowski at Team Penske. I am not a big believer that a multi-car team has to have a No. 1 driver. We see it time and time again at places like Joe Gibbs Racing or Hendrick Motorsports where a different driver will get hot for a period of time and be on top, only to be replaced when a teammate gets hotter.

I don’t even know if Brad and Joey are in competition over at Team Penske for any type of top-billing stature. If you take away 2012 when Brad won his championship, both Brad and Joey have had fairly matching careers.

What I do see between Brad and Joey is a great relationship. We all saw it the other night at Bristol when Brad came to Victory Lane to congratulate Joey on his win. We’ve seen the same thing out of Joey when Brad wins. Joey’s right there to be one of the first to congratulate Brad. I truly believe they take to heart the philosophy of two drivers/one team. Their working together complements and helps both programs. It’s the blind obvious that there is strength in having a good solid relationship with your teammate on and off the racetrack.

Let’s face it: Race teams are like kids. One team is like one team. Two teams are like two teams but three teams are like having 10 teams. Then having four teams is like having 20. Yes, there is always strength in numbers but it does get harder to control once you make the decision to move past two teams. As it stands right now, Team Penske is showing how two drivers can truly mesh, share information, support each other and lean on each other. 

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