Kissing a pig? Daytona prop bets even non-Gearheads would love

During Super Bowl XLIX earlier this month, a reported $116 million was wagered in Nevada, much of it in the form of proposition bets: those usually goofy wagers on details beyond the final score, such as which song Katy Perry would sing first in her halftime show.

Well, the Daytona 500 has long been billed as "The Super Bowl of NASCAR," so isn’t time we get to make some off-the-wall bets on Junior, JJ, Smoke & Co.?

Now, you won’t find too many prop bets in Vegas beyond betting one driver’s finish vs. another’s, but thanks to the brains behind @nascarcasm, you could at least get a fun little pool going during your viewing party with some hilarious props.

What … no viewing party? Not even a NASCAR fan? No worries; non-Gearheads may enjoy this more than actual NASCAR fans.

Among the bets on @nascarcasm’s prop sheet:

Over/under on national anthem "if sung by child or performed by marching band": 1 minute, 40 seconds

Over/under on national anthem "if peformed by ‘Nashville recording artist’ ": 3 hours

Over/under on time of race: 4 hours, 10 minutes

Over/under on time of rain delay: 6 hours, 30 minutes

Over/under on Big Ones: 3

Over/under on Medium Ones: 2

Over/under on Small Ones basically consisting of a BK Racing car cartwheeling into the infield grass pretty much on its own accord: 4

Over/under on "Boogities": 3 (That’s easy money for Gearheads! DW says it three times at the drop of the green flag)

Odds Dale Earnhardt Jr. will win: 10/1

Odds Jeff Gordon will win: 12/1

Odds Travis Kvapil will win: Dairy Queen ice-cream cake in 10th level of Dante’s hell

Odds Tony Raines will win: We’ll seriously just give you the keys to the cash vault and some duffel bags

Will it happen: During telecast, Kid Rock informs you no fewer than 300 times he was born free (2-1 odds)

Will it happen: TV shows warm pre-race kiss and embrace between driver and his WAG (even odds)

Will it happen: TV shows warm pre-race kiss and embrace between driver and his pig (14-1 odds)

For the full list of props, click here.