Darrell Waltrip only uses Rejuvenate for his cars

Joe McDonnell, chief executive officer of For Life Products,

today announced the signing of three-time NASCAR Champion and FOX

Sports Lead Analyst Darrell Waltrip to a multi-year deal as

official spokesman for FLP’s Rejuvenate Auto product line. The home

and auto surface-care products manufacturer and marketer will

feature Waltrip in a new national $20 million advertising campaign

with Waltrip’s endorsements in its new television commercial, new

product packaging and point-of-sale displays.

FLP’s Rejuvenate brand, the leader in consumer-based,

commercial-grade solutions for cleaning, restoring and protecting

flooring, cabinets and other home surfaces, has the No. 1 selling

floor-care product at the nation’s largest do-it-yourself retailer.

FLP is expanding Rejuvenate to include its eight auto-care products

under the “Rejuvenate Auto” umbrella. Foremost is Rejuvenate Auto

15- Minute Wash & Wax Renewer, which is endorsed by the

National Corvette Owners Association and provides showroom-quality

auto detailing.

“I was blown away when I tried Rejuvenate Auto on my car,”

Waltrip said. “With an easy spray and wipe, it cleans and protects

my cars without creating scratches and swirls like every other car

wash or soap-and-bucket approach. It offers the best,

longest-lasting shine. To tell you the truth, all of his products

were incredible, in fact, it’s the only car care product line I

trust for my cars.”

Added McDonnell: “Darrell’s endorsement resembles what car

aficionados and everyone who tries Rejuvenate Auto say: ‘Rejuvenate

Auto is the best, and I won’t use anything else.'”

The Rejuvenate 15-Minute Wash & Wax Renewer replaces

drive-through car washes, known to scratch and dull exteriors, and

the soap-and-water approach, proven in studies to scratch paint up

to one-tenth of its thickness. The line also includes a real

leather scent spray, leather restorer that uses natural tannery

oils, anti-fog window cleaner, bioenzymatic carpet & upholstery

stain remover/cleaner, replating chrome polish, a 30- second lens

restorer kit, and an enzyme-based cleaning product to remove oil

stains from concrete surfaces such as driveways and garages. The 15

Minute Wash & Wax and the entire Rejuvenate Auto product line

will bear DW’s photo and his famous “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity”

that will now be followed by “Let’s go Rejuvenate” and will hit

retail shelves nationwide in April.

About For Life Products

For Life Products (FLP), with headquarters in Miramar, Fla.,

manufactures and markets innovative, practical home and automotive

surface-care products to improve the quality of everyday life.

FLP’s core products include the Rejuvenate Auto and Rejuvenate Home

lines, which enable consumers to get professional-quality results

and like-new showroom finishes for their homes and vehicles.

Launched by entrepreneur Joe McDonnell, FLP’s products provide

significant value and eco-friendly components that help consumers

protect their investments in challenging economic times while

helping protect the environment. Rejuvenate is available at select

home-center chains and leading traditional and online retailers.

It’s also available at www.forlifeproducts.com. For more

information, visit www.forlifeproducts.com or call 1 (877)


About Darrell Waltrip

Darrell Waltrip is a three-time NASCAR champion and

Emmy-nominated broadcaster for FOX Sports. Waltrip started his

racing career running go-carts and parleyed that to reach NASCAR

highest ranks. Waltrip raced for 29 years on the NASCAR Sprint Cup

series retiring in 2000 accumulating 84 wins, which ranks him third

on the all-time win list and won three championships in 1981, 1982

and 1985. He also was voted NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver in 1989

and 1990. The crowning achievement to Waltrip’s career came in 1989

when he won the Daytona 500. Upon retirement from NASCAR, Waltrip

became the Lead Analyst for FOX Sports when they were awarded the

NASCAR broadcast rights beginning in 2001. Waltrip quickly became a

fan and broadcast favorite culminating in 2007 with an Emmy

nomination for his work in the television booth. Waltrip has also

been voted “Most Popular Announcer” by the yearly fan vote on

NASCAR.com for four years. Waltrip’s popular autobiography, DW: A

Lifetime Going Around In Circles, reached the New York Times Best

Sellers list for two consecutive weeks in 2004. Additionally in the

last few years, Waltrip portrayed himself in the Will Ferrell

movie, “Talladega Nights.” He was also “Darrell Cartrip” in the

smash hit movie “CARS.”