Daniel Suarez has perfect response when asked about Donald Trump

Daniel Suarez speaks to the media at Phoenix International Raceway on Friday.

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

NASCAR XFINITY Series points leader Daniel Suarez is not only a talented racer, he’s pretty savvy, too. 

The Mexican-born Suarez came up through the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program championed by NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France. But France came under intense scrutiny this week for publicly endorsing Donald J. Trump for President.

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Trump has been a lightning rod of criticism in recent weeks for calling Mexicans "rapists" and suggesting that if elected president, he would build a giant wall between Mexico and the United States to keep illegal immigrants out. 

Asked about Trump, Suarez served up the perfect answer.

"Honestly, all I can say about that is that I’m super proud to be Mexican, to be a Latin American driver in the United States," said Suarez. "I’m very lucky to have a lot of support from the United States and from NASCAR in the past four years and what we’ve got for this year so far. So, four years and three months.

"And, who knows, without being Mexican I wouldn’t be here right now because it’s been unbelievable the support I’ve had from NASCAR through the ‘Drive for Diversity’ program and all of these programs to put myself in the right position to get opportunity that I have right now. So, like I said, I’m very proud to be Mexican and whatever is going on with the politics that doesn’t change anything."