Dale Earnhardt Jr. laments the frustration of renting tuxedos

At one time or another, it seems like we’ve all been there.

Tuxedo rental can be costly, time-consuming and sometimes just downright frustrating when you’re planning for that special event — especially if it’s a wedding and you’re trying to line up tuxes for a bunch of guys who only wear them a few times in their lifetimes.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is marrying his fiance, Amy Reimann, on this New Year’s Even, apparently discovered just that while trying to get everything lined up for the big night tonight.

Here’s hoping that he got it all straightened out, and didn’t leave marks on his forehead that will show up in the wedding photos — if indeed the video he tweeted out below really is how he handled the frustration.

Earnhardt noted in the tweet, “Had no idea there were so many strides yet to be made in the business of tux rental.” Indeed.