Carl Edwards and Joe Gibbs Racing a ‘win-win’ situation

Jeff Hammond expects Carl Edwards to have success early with Joe Gibb Racing, and contend for the 2015 Sprint Cup championship against his new JGR teammates. 

Rainier Ehrhardt/Getty Images

Of course the big news coming out this week is again one of those times where we say "it’s the worst kept secret in NASCAR." Naturally, I am talking about Carl Edwards and Joe Gibbs Racing making it official on Tuesday that they will be joining forces for the 2015 season.

I think this is a great fit for Carl and for JGR. Carl will be a good fit no matter where he goes because he is such an enthusiastic, dynamic and talented driver. He wants to win so badly. That’s the reason he is willing to make this change at the end of the season. He’s not coming over there for the money; he’s coming over there for the legitimate shot at winning races and championships.

When you bring that kind of attitude to a successful organization like Joe Gibbs Racing, I just don’t see how it can’t be a ‘win-win’ for both sides. We know that the folks at Toyota in California are working to improve their engines. That really has been the only thing that’s been keeping JGR from being less successful this year than in 2013.

Obviously, with his willingness to come over starting in 2015, Carl Edwards has full confidence in what changes Toyota is working on. I for one am not going to be the least bit surprised to see Carl have a very brisk and hard fought battle with his new teammates — Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth — to see which one of those four will win the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship.