Busch and Johnson talk it out over Sunday’s crash

Kurt Busch said he and Jimmie Johnson sat down and talked out Sunday’s incident in the Advance Auto Parts Clash, where Johnson got loose in Turn 4 and inadvertently put Busch into the wall and out of the race after just 17 of 75 laps.

Busch finished last in the 17-car field and Johnson spun a second time, finishing 16th.

Afterward, Busch said Johnson texted an apology to him.

“I hate apology texts,” Busch said. “I think they’re useless. ‘Sorry, man, didn’t mean to run into you.’ Jimmie gave me one. I said, ‘Hey, come on over, I’m making a sandwich.’”

And with that, Johnson paid a visit to Busch.

“(Johnson) came over to my motorhome and we chit-chatted for a while about it,” said Busch. “And it blended into other conversations. So it wasn’t a you-did-me-wrong type moment. I just felt like the apology text thing is way overrated.

“And we talked, as two human beings and two gentlemen about what had happened,” said Busch. “And we’ll move on.”