What’s really causing all of this cold and snow? NASCAR Wonka gives us the answer

Much of the country has been crippled by frigid temperatures and massive amounts of snow, which begs the question: Where does snow come from? Our always entertaining friend NASCAR Wonka knows. Hear him out.

Answer: NASCAR. Snow comes from NASCAR. Specifically, driver burnouts after a victory. Now, many meteorologists disagree with this, and by "many" we mean all meteorologists – even those who are still in school and haven’t become real meteorologists yet. However, pay them no mind.

Fact: the creator of the Polar Vortex is Kevin Harvick. His burnouts often create beautiful cyclones that can wreak "Harvick" on weather patterns.


After he starts the snowy vortex, many other drivers add their own snow to keep it going. Two of the biggest snow-makers this year were Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth.


Fact: not all drivers can make snow.


Some drivers seek advice on how to make snow.


And some simply dress warmly while other drivers are making snow.


Not all drivers believe they are snow-makers. For instance, Kyle Busch claims to be the creator of global warming.


Now, whether or not you choose to believe any of this is entirely up to you (we certainly wouldn’t). But snow is real, and now you know where it comes from. We’ll leave you now with possibly the greatest piece of advice for dealing with winter weather. Don’t eat yellow snow.