‘Tis the season for NASCAR Christmas carols: Pocono

This time of year is full of holiday cheer, family gatherings and the time-honored tradition of singing Christmas carols. Our good friend Nascarcasm has come up with a few NASCAR-themed carols to add to the holiday playlist. 

First up, which is bound to become an instant classic, is "Pocono," sung to the tune of "Let It Snow." We suggest listening to the original, then singing along with the updated tune.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

And we’ll probably be here ’til nightfall

They’re filling air in the TV studio

Pocono, Pocono, Pocono

And the rain continues pouring

And the drivers are probably snoring

Enough with all that "What Turn 4"-ing

Pocono, Pocono, Pocono

When we finally dry the track

And the race gets under way

The rain suddenly come back

Before we’ve reached half way

Oh the green flag’s finally flying

And the day has been quite trying

At least there’s not a groundhog dying

Pocono, Pocono, Pocono