‘Tis better to give: Perfect NASCAR presents for that special someone

Christmas is right around the corner. Still looking for a little something for that special someone? Sure you are … and we’re here to help. The Shake and Bake crew has scoured the far reaches of eBay to give you some great NASCAR gift ideas.

To get started, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and awesome NASCAR gifts with a Christmas/holiday theme.

Snow Globe: NASCAR and snow go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. If you’ve ever wondered what Tony Stewart or Dale Earnhardt Jr. would like look like in a blinding blizzard, a snow globe is the perfect gift.


Christmas Tree Ornament: So what if this looks absolutely nothing like Jeff Gordon. The official eBay lising says it’s "sweet to display" and that’s good enough for us. Whether you’re a fan of "The King" or Ken Schrader, there’s nothing quite like showing your support on your fraser fir … with balls or faux candy canes


Cookie Jar: Everyone needs a place to keep those delicious holiday cookies. This Jimmie Johnson version is perfect for the 6-Time hater on a diet. Just thinking of Johnson’s dominance will be enough for them to lose their appetite. On the other end of the spectrum, this #63 cookie jar is a great tribute to a car that’s never won a Cup points race … ever. 

Come back tomorrow when we take a look at some NASCAR gifts that could be very helpful around the house.