The Super Bowl and NASCAR: Nascarcasm compares and contrasts

The NFL season comes to an end this weekend with Super Bowl XLVIII. And you know what that means. NASCAR season is right around the corner.

The two sports actually have more in common than you might think. Our always entertaining friend Nascarcasm compares and contrasts "The Big Game" with our beloved sport of NASCAR.


Super Bowl: commercial typically features a woman in a swimsuit who is 36-24-36.

NASCAR: driver features a woman in firesuit who starts 36th, moves up to maybe 24th, but then finishes 36th.


NASCAR: Features a team from Denver

Super Bowl: Features a team from Denver that apparently does not have a technical alliance with any larger football teams. That’s crazy.


Super Bowl: Starts at 6:30 p.m. and ends later in the evening.

NASCAR: Usually starts around 1 p.m., and now that Juan Pablo Montoya is no longer in the series, will probably not end later in the evening.


Super Bowl: Clock management plays a key role in who wins the game.

NASCAR: Clock management is Jimmie Johnson trying to determine where the hell to put the spoils from all the wins at Martinsville.


Super Bowl: Rules dictate that removing one’s helmet on the field will result in a penalty from the referees.

NASCAR: Unwritten rules dictate that removing one’s helmet on the track and hurling it at another car will result in a thank-you from the marketing department.


Super Bowl: Features Peyton Manning, who can go seemingly overboard in endorsing products.

NASCAR: Has a guy like that to, but at least he can do backflips off cars when he wins.


Super Bowl: 12 men on the field. That’s a penalty.

NASCAR: 13 men in the Chase? That’s a great idea!


Super Bowl: Cornerback Richard Sherman angrily calls out wide receivers to let them know he has their number.

NASCAR: Owner Richard Childress is angrily called out for bringing back his own number.


Super Bowl: Long drives and lots of passing.

NASCAR: Driving, and, well … occasional passing.


NASCAR: Rubbin’ is racin’ and can sometimes result in a yellow flag.

Super Bowl: Rubbin’ is probably a 15-yard personal foul and will always result in a yellow flag.


Super Bowl: An ad will cost an incredibly large amount of money and last 30 seconds.

NASCAR: A car driven by Travis Pastrana can cost an incredibly large amount of money… and last 30 seconds.