Stars show up for Team Penske’s 50th anniversary celebration

A look at Team Penske's 50th anniversary team lineup for 2016. 

Bob Leverone

The 50th anniversary of anything is always a special occasion. When that anniversary commemorates 27 national racing championships, 16 Indianapolis 500 wins, two Daytona 500 victories, and a total of 85 drivers, it is worthy of a big party. 

That was the case Wednesday night in Charlotte, North Carolina, as one of racing’s most successful and prominent owners, Roger Penske, was honored for his many years of fielding winning race teams. 

The gala event featured 43 of Penske’s 85 drivers, as well as a special appearance by car enthusiast Jay Leno.

Leno was not the only celebrity figure to congratulate Penske on his success 50 years of racing. Former U.S. President George W. Busch sent in a tribute to "The Captain."

Legendary newscaster Tom Brokaw also narrated a video chronicling Team Penske’s history and how it all got started.