Step Aside Richard Petty, Famous Hot Dog Is Top Dog At Martinsville

Martinsville Speedway’s famous hot dog is one of the most iconic concession items in all of racing.

Built in 1946, Martinsville Speedway predates the formation of NASCAR. In fact, it’s the oldest track NASCAR races at. And at 0.526 miles, Martinsville is also the shortest track NASCAR races at. 

Richard Petty, a.k.a. The King, ruled Martinsville, posting all-time track records with 15 race victories, 30 top-five and 37 top-10 finishes. All told, Petty led an astounding 27,891 laps here, a distance of 14,671 miles.

Among active drivers, Jimmie Johnson has eight victories here, as well as the best average finish of 5.348. 

The most famous thing about Martinsville isn’t the track, though. Instead, it’s nearly fluorescent red Jesse Jones hot dogs sold at the track. The dogs, still just $2 each, come wrapped in wax paper and served with chili, onions, mustard and slaw. 

Here, the NASCAR on FOX crew waxes rhapsodic about the joys of the Martinsville hot dog:

Some crew members have been known to eat 40 or 50 of the dogs in a single weekend, and competition among crewmen is legendary, with running totals kept on the garage stall walls. 

More than 50,000 hot dogs are sold at Martinsville each race weekend. Put ’em end to end and that’s about the length of nine laps around the track. 

"Our hot dog is the most iconic concession item in all of racing, and the key reason for that is the Jesse Jones wiener," said track president Clay Campbell. "We have our special, secret way of dressing it, but the dog is at the heart of it all."

Fans take a break from the on-track action to enjoy a famous Martinsville hot dog.