#snOMG: Clint Bowyer would rather talk about the weather than Danica and ‘The King’

Got stuck in Winter Storm Pax? Had your car in a ditch or buried in snow this lousy winter? Up to your arse in #snOMG?

Clint Bowyer feels your pain.

And he desperately didn’t want to talk about the big brouhaha of NASCAR Media Day, the Richard Petty dissing of Danica Patrick that was buzzing around Daytona International Speedway. So Bowyer instead decided to tell a story during his session with print and online reporters. And it was a pretty good one at that.

Seems that Bowyer, a star in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, grew up in Kansas, where the weather is cold and his dad owned a tow truck.

On one particularly ugly winter night, the Bowyers found themselves out on the road dragging cars out of ditches. And Clint came home with a great story.

"He always made me hook up the cars in the snowstorm," Clint said of his father. "He was smart. He’d take all the money and go on to the next one.

"We’re out on the turnpike one night and literally, every quarter-mile there’s a car in the ditch," said Clint. "It was like, ‘Oh, this is going to be a long night.’ But they were all just kind of barely stuck. You know, you’d go in, you give ’em a $25 hook-up, just barely pull ’em out, and say, ‘Alright, see you all,’ and head to the next one. Cash was better, you know what I’m saying?

"So we got out, and I’m hooking onto this car and me and a highway patrolman are standing there, waiting for my dad to make out tickets so we can go on to the next one," said Clint. "And I hear this car rev up and I look up and this little college girl going back to KU (Kansas University), she had this baby cranked sideways and swapped ends and hit the inside wall on the turnpike and starts barrel-rolling.

"I mean, right as she’s going by us," Clint said. "I’m standing on the highway with the cop and he’s like, ‘Damn! Look out!’ And this poor girl, she barrel-rolled like two or three times. You could hear her screaming inside the car. This was all happening right in front of me.

"So we go running up there to see if she’s OK and she’s like, ‘Oh, my God! I flipped.’ Yeah, you flipped, big time," Bowyer said. "That was, I guess, my winter story. I don’t even know where that came from, but I didn’t want to talk about Danica and Richard Petty, so I guess I’ll tell snow stories."

#snOMG, Clint!

And thanks for sharing.