Respect my authority! The Indy Motor Speedway ‘yellow shirts’ mean business

They’re called the "yellow shirts" … and they mean business.

If you’ve ever been to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you’ve no doubt seen members of the IMS Safety Patrol in action. According to, "This group of employees ensures a safe, secure and hospitable environment for all customers of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway."

They also have a repution for being some of the strictest rule enforcers in all of motorsports. 

According to Dale Earnhardt Jr., the gang is already hard at work.

This was indeed confirmed by the Richard Childress Racing Twitter account.

And don’t think that just because you’re a NASCAR driver that you’re above the rules. Sprint Cup Series rookie Ryan Truex found this out the hard way. 

Being a "yellow shirt" is a tough job and we respect their dedication. They have to be prepared for anything. And we do mean anything. 

A member of IMS’s Safety Patrol makes sure that all is well and good for spectators in the infield.