Pencils ready! It’s fun with NASCAR numbers

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you were told there would be no math.


This is NASCAR, which is all about numbers.

As a public service, we’re going to have a very quick math lesson on NASCAR Sprint Cup car numbers.

Pay attention and you might be able to use this information to win a bar bet or two.

Car number on winning car in first NASCAR Strictly Stock race:

No. 12 – Jim Roper, Charlotte Speedway, June 12, 1949.

Top 5 car numbers with most Sprint Cup race victories:

No. 11 – 203 wins

No. 43 – 198

No. 3 – 97

No. 21 – 91

No. 24 – 88

Drivers who have won a Sprint Cup race in the No. 21:

18 different drivers, most of any number.

They are:

David Pearson, 43 wins in No. 21

Cale Yarborough, 13

Neil Bonnett, 9

Marvin Panch, 8

A.J. Foyt, 4

Speedy Thompson, 2

Harold Kite, Tim Flock, Tiny Lund, Elliott Sadler, Glen Wood, Buddy Baker, Donnie Allison, Curtis Turner, Morgan Shepherd, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett and Trevor Bayne, 1 each.

Drivers who have won at least 10 races in the No. 11:

Cale Yarborough, 55

Ned Jarrett, 49

Darrell Waltrip, 43

Denny Hamlin, 23

Junior Johnson, 11

Fewest starts by any car number between 1-99:

The No. 65 has only appeared in 93 Sprint Cup races, never winning.

And here’s the fun one:

Richard Petty’s No. 43 is one of the most iconic car numbers in NASCAR history. But a total of four different car numbers have been driven to victory 43 times each in the Sprint Cup Series.

They are:

No. 5

No. 15

No. 20

No. 92