Much-anticipated ‘Dale call’ bound to make big noise at ‘Dega

Fans can now buy their very own 'Dale call.'

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Rejoice, Junior Nation.

The highly anticipated Diet Mountain Dew "Dale call" has finally arrived — and just in time for this weekend’s race at Talladega, where Dale Earnhardt Jr. probably needs a win to move on in the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

The so-called "Dale call" is a spinoff to the familiar duck call that hunters use out in the woods to summon their prey.

One small blow into the mouthpiece of the colorful, Diet Mountain Dew-branded "Dale call" triggers the sound of a race car engine for five seconds and makes the device’s header pipes light up.

The device, which will retail for $24.99 and be for sale Sunday at Talladega, was mass-produced in response to a barrage of fan requests that followed a commerical for the soft-drink brand earlier this year.

In the commercial, two duck hunters aren’t having much luck with the traditional duck call when one of them pulls out his "Dale call" machine and begins blowing.

Almost instantly, Earnhard Jr.’s popular No. 88 Diet Mountain Dew Chevrolet comes out of nowhere, flying from the grass, doing donuts and sending the birds scattering in all directions.

Junior, perched behind the wheel of the No. 88, smiles and takes a swig from a Diet Mountain Dew bottle while the hunter who used the traditional duck call looks at his partner in disbelief and says, "That’s way better than my duck call."

Appropriately, Earnhardt Jr. this weekend will race a Diet Mountain Dew-sponsored No. 88 with "#dalecall" on the side to help promote the product on social media.

Perhaps if Junior pulls out a win on Sunday at Talladega, his fans can just thank their new "Dale call" for making it happen.