Kyle Busch and Samantha Busch brace for impending parenthood

Kyle Busch (left) embraces his wife, Samantha, after winning a NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Richmond last September.

Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

As the day for the arrival of their first child moves ever closer, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Busch and his wife, Samantha, are going into full preparation mode.

As Samantha Busch recently wrote on her own web site, "The period in your life when you decide to start a family is so exciting! You are opening the next chapter in your lives by bringing a child into the world."

That means a big lifestyle change for parents who previously did not have children in the household fold.

It means strollers and diaper bags, baby bottles and those, uh, devices that you strap a baby into that you wear on your body. Kyle Busch knows what we’re talking about, as he displayed recently on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Kyle and Samantha Busch have detailed much of their journey during Samantha’s pregnancy via blogs posted on Samantha’s web site.

During one December post, she revealed that she nearly leaned into her husband’s car on pit road and vomited just before a race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway because of nausea from IVF shots — this during a time with lots of cameras around and no one knowing what the couple was going through.

"How mad would Kyle be if he had to race with puke in the car for four hours?" she wrote then. "Oh no, the crew would be so mad at me because the car goes back to them and I would be so embarrassed. Hmm, could I blame it on Kyle? Would I ruin the car in some way?"

Now that their then-secret is out in the open, they aren’t keeping anything else to themselves, it appears.

The child is due in May, and Kyle Busch, whose nickname is "Rowdy" hinted after a doctor’s visit around Thanksgiving that Samantha is expected to give birth to a boy. No official word yet on if the first name of "Rowdy" is being given strong consideration for the addition to the family. 

But whatever name he is given, the evidence is mounting that he’ll have everything he needs at his parents’ fingertips.

Example No. 1? Kyle’s recent Facebook post of a video with him pushing a stroller and the caption that said simply, "Preseason testing." He also documented the moment by posting a photo on Twitter.

And last but certainly not least was Kyle’s recent test drive of the strappy thing that holds the baby in close to the chest. But seriously, dude, what’s with the face? Oh … he’s learning what the function of a diaper pail is!

Teaching Kyle what a diaper pails function is 😂😂😂 #ThatFace

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