Evernham reveals most embarrassing moment with Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon and Ray Evernham shared plenty of great times together. But on Tuesday — during a live Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) — Evernham revealed his most embarrassing moment as Gordon’s crew chief. 

The year was 1998. The race was "The Winston" — now known as the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race. Evernham was so focused on the weight of Gordon’s No. 24 that he neglected to add something pretty important. 

Here’s how he tells it:

We were leading and led the whole thing, had a fast car, and I was so concerned about weight I didn’t want to put any gas in. They had one extra restart and we ran out of gas. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my whole life!

That’s okay, Ray … we’re guessing Jeff’s forgiven you by now.

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