GIF It Up! SHAQ Gropes Rutledge, Crew Member Gets Run Over

Shaquille O’Neal was at Daytona Saturday to promote "Grown Ups 2" with Adam Sandler and Kevin James. The three sang a memorable command to fire engines, but it was SHAQ’s decision to grope Rutledge Wood that made this weekend’s "GIF It Up!"

Paul Menard wasn’t laughing when his No. 27 Chevrolet blew up on lap 24. Menard was running third at the time when his engine let go.

Another scary moment came when Carl Edwards ran over his front tire changer. Colin Pasi was trying to clean off the front grille when peeled out of his pit box, leading to his foot getting caught under the split over and ran over by the front tire.

Pasi would walk it off and continue to service the No. 99 car for the remainder of the night. Unbelievable!