Denny Hamlin dishes on parenting joys, possible post-career plans

Denny Hamlin with his daughter, Taylor James, at a race last May.

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Since becoming a father a little more than three years ago, Denny Hamlin has had the opportunity to celebrate on Victory Lane with his daughter, Taylor, on more than one occasion.

But the biggest parenting surprises? Those go far beyond the track.

"Probably how fun it is," Hamlin recently told "I didn’t think that I could really enjoy hanging out with a 3-year-old that much, but it’s just so fun everyday … playing soccer, doing whatever she likes to do at the particular time. So that part of it has been the most fun for me — and really kind of how it changes your attitude on good days and bad days."

Speaking of attitude, Hamlin’s couldn’t be more positive about a certain line of work that he knew he would have been in, had this whole racing thing not worked out.

In fact, Hamlin, a winner of 26 career Sprint Cup races, plans to pursue that same career when he hangs up his driving helmet.

"I would have been working at a trailer shop, for sure, in Chesterfield, Virginia," Hamlin said. "That’s what I was doing before, and I enjoyed doing that with my dad. I would still like to open up another trailer shop at some point because it’s what I love to do, and I love wiring and fabricating and things like that. So down the road, eventually."