Alex Bowman: My laughter only fueled Danica Patrick’s anger

Alex Bowman and Danica Patrick aren't on the best of terms.

Todd Warshaw & Drew Hallowell/NA

Four days after Alex Bowman’s Twitter revelation that Danica Patrick threatened to kick him in a particularly delicate area after last Sunday’s race in Phoenix, the second-year Sprint Cup Series driver offered more details of their spat during an interview Thursday with Sirius XM Radio.

Running several laps down, Bowman raced Patrick, a lead-lap car, a little too hard for the Stewart-Haas Racing driver’s liking in the closing laps.

Patrick later confronted the 21-year-old driver in the garage area to express her displeasure — which Bowman initially just found amusing.

"Honestly, I stood there laughing, which probably made her a lot more mad, in all honesty," Bowman said on Sirius XM. "I was just walking through the garage back to the coach lot, and she came up to me absolutely screaming at me — which, whatever, she had a rough day, I get it. And I was trying to explain, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were on the lead lap,’ and she said something that I’m the worst out there and I’m always in the way and I’m always a back-marker and blah blah blah."

As Patrick’s tirade continued, Bowman decided he had finally had enough, and spoke up. But the laughing continued.

"I was pretty insulted and I said something about what happened at Bristol last year when she was two or three laps down and I was on the lead lap, and she was holding me up, the field got checked up and I spun her out," he told Sirius XM. "She tried to wreck me for the rest of the night. So then she told me that I’m a punk and she was going to knee me in the cherries and whatnot, and I just laughed at her and let her walk away."