Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one ‘˜fly’ guy … just ask his girlfriend

If you’re a man and have lived long enough, it’s a pretty good bet you’ve experienced that awkward moment when you leave the bathroom a little too quickly — i.e., forget to zip up your pants.

According to some Twitter banter from over the weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Jr. found himself in this predicament moments before the pre-race drivers meeting for Sunday night’s Oral-B USA 500.

So how did the Shake and Bake crew learn of Junior’s displaced fly? His girlfriend, Amy Reimann, alerted the Twitterverse moments after NASCAR’s 11-time most popular driver made his startling discovery. 

As a guy who has appeared in Wrangler Jeans commercials and whose family’s ties to the brand go back three decades, Earnhardt Jr. obviously knows a thing or two about making sure his zipper is in the upright position.

But Sunday at Atlanta, Junior — and his girlfriend — reminded his millions of fans, as he so often does, that he really is human, after all.