New dad Brad Keselowski not quite ready to change dirty diapers

Brad Keselowski says he's been relying on girlfriend Paige White to change his infant daughter's diapers.

Jeff Zelevansky/NASCAR via Getty Images

A little more than a week after becoming a father, Brad Keselowski said his baby daughter — whose name has still not been publicly revealed — is healthy.

As for new dad Brad, he seems to be enjoying the first few days of fatherhood — even if he has yet to engage in one of the novelties that typically comes with first-time parenting.

The 2012 Sprint Cup Series champion revealed Thursday that he had yet to change a diaper, opting to instead leave that duty to girlfriend Paige White, his baby’s mother.

"I haven’t changed one yet," Keselowski said during a visit to ESPN’s studios. "Much like a race car driver should be, you rely on your pit crew, and my pit crew is Paige, and she is great at changing diapers."

Keselowski also weighed in on fellow new dad and longtime rival Kyle Busch, whose wife Samantha gave birth to son Brexton just two days before baby Keselowski entered the world.

"It’s not a race. It’s a baby, right?" he said. "But if it was a race, I would say he cheated because she was induced and we weren’t," he said with a smile. "Like a true racer, I call foul. Somebody cheated."