Dave Moody sounds off on all the action from the Charlotte ROVAL and the 2019 aero package

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Dave Moody sounds off on all the action from the Charlotte ROVAL and NASCAR's new aero package for 2019.

ADAM ALEXANDER: Welcome back to NASCAR race hub on FS1. I'm Adam Alexander. Time for The Pulse with Dave Moody. This is where we are also live on Sirius XM NASCAR radio. Dave, how are you?

DAVE MOODY: I'm, great Double-A. How are you?

ADAM ALEXANDER: Good. Looking forward to visiting with you today. But first, let's hear from some of your callers.

CALLER: Man, I'mma tell you what. That was the best race I've ever seen.

Dude, that rumble was fantastic. Never again will I miss that race.

To the twit's on "tweeter" talking about how bad this race was, well guess what, boys? Jimmy Johnson fixed that for you.

I don't have one problem with what Jimmy Johnson done. I thought what MCJ did was a classless move.

Me, as a Ryan Blaney fan, I'm glad to finally see Lady Luck shine down on him.

I don't care who wins here on out. I'm bitter, and that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

ADAM ALEXANDER: Did you hear that, Dave? That's my story!

DAVE MOODY: And I'm sticking to it!

ADAM ALEXANDER: Yes, indeed. So last week, you said the callers were all about the Roval. It sounds like this week, the callers are, in fact, all about the Roval.

DAVE MOODY: All about the Roval. There's no doubt about it. I would say 90% to 95% are not just happy with what they saw, they're thrilled with what they saw. You know, I talked yesterday to the folks at Charlotte Motor Speedway. And Marcus Smith said that after the race, people were lined up at the ticket office to buy tickets for next year's Roval. That's a pretty good sign.

ADAM ALEXANDER: And as we see here, some really good reaction on social media from fans, and what they thought about Sunday's first ever event on the Roval. And when you look at that race, it was a cut off, eliminating some really good drivers from playoff contention. Jimmy Johnson. Denny Hamlin. Eric Jones. Austin Dillon. What's been the reaction there?

DAVE MOODY: Well it obviously-- Jimmy Johnson's elimination and the manner of that elimination has been a huge topic for conversation. The armchair quarterbacks and the second guessers are out in force these last couple of days. There's no doubt about that.

But there's also a very strong contingent of fans out there, Adam, that say, you know, we've been saying for years, we want drivers to go for it and not take a good point's day. We can't criticize Jimmy now for doing exactly what we've been asking for.

ADAM ALEXANDER: Situations like that, easy to Monday morning quarterback. But at the end of the day, he's doing what we all want to see drivers do. And that is go after that checkered flag. Hey, let's move on a little bit. Talk about the 2019 rules package announced yesterday by NASCAR. What are fans saying there?

DAVE MOODY: They're encouraged. They're not altogether sure what it's going to mean or how it's going to look, because it is significantly different in some ways than what we saw at the All-Star race. The All-Star race was a big hit with the fans, as it should have been. Had more passing than we'd had in the previous three or four All-Star races combined. Fans obviously would love to see more of that.

The big complaint from the drivers has been the lack of throttle response, and the fact that it was just a little too slow for their taste. Hopefully, the substitution of the tapered spacer in place of the restrictor plate will cure that problem.

ADAM ALEXANDER: If we can take the All-Star race, multiply that by 36 in 2019, this will be awesome. Thanks, Dave. We'll see you again soon.

DAVE MOODY: Thanks, Double-A.