Chad Knaus talks about Jimmie Johnson’s move on Martin Truex Jr. at the ROVAL

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Chad Knaus joins 'NASCAR Race Hub' to talk about his driver Jimmie Johnson's move on Martin Truex Jr. at the Charlotte ROVAL.

ANNOUNCER 1: Keselowski misses Turn 1, and four, five, six cars pile in! Absolute chaos in Turn 1--

ANNOUNCER 2: They are up on it right now telling Aric Almirola he has got to pick up some position.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jimmie Johnson looks to the inside of Martin Truex, Jr. They dive into the chicane, they touch, Jimmie Johnson spins, Martin Truex, Jr. gets hit by Johnson, they are both spun out. Here come Ryan Blaney. Ryan Blaney will survive and win!



SHANNON SPAKE: Hey, all right, so Jimmie took a chance, right? He was going for the victory and there are a lot of people out there that say you cannot fault him for trying to get the W. But based on where he was in the points, and I know you guys had the red flag, what was the game plan as you guys approached those final laps of the race?



--to say we had a perfectly choreographed plan from the red flag on, we did not.


CHAD KNAUS: Basically Jimmie knew-- then there is a huge ebb and flow of the points as you're going through and you have a red flag, you have guys that are crashed, guys that are coming back around. At one point we had a 26-point buffer to make it, and then the people cycled through and now we're down to 12. So Jimmie knew that we had a 12-point buffer at that point going into there. Now we also know, and he knew, that once you take the green flag you're gonna have some comers and you're gonna have some goers, so that 12 points is gonna get reduced or grow depending upon the situation.

So you know, man, here's the deal. Like, I love Jimmie, right, he's an amazing race car driver. It's been a long time since this poor guy's won a race, and he wanted to win this race for himself, for Lowe's, and for everybody at Hendrick Motorsports and all of his fans, and I commend him for that, right?

Do I wish, right now, today-- I beat myself up all day Monday thinking all it would have taken is maybe two words from me as he was going through Turns 3 and 4, and he probably would have backed off just a little bit and made sure that he made it through there. So that stings, but, man, the guy was going for it. The guy was going for it, so you know, there you have it.

SHANNON SPAKE: There you have it.

REGAN SMITH: And from a driver's perspective I commend him for what he did. He went for the win and that's what-- we've been wanting to see this out of race car drivers now for the better part of 10 years. Go for the win at all possible costs. Well, he just went for the win, and it cost him a chance to win the championship, and your team.

Now I can't speak for what that meeting was like Monday when you guys-- or even Sunday night when you guys all sat down and discussed the fact that you were out of the playoffs now at this point. But man, the guy wanted to win the race. This is the first Roval race. There's only one of us that is ever gonna win that first Roval race, and I just have a hard time ever faulting a race car driver that's gonna go for it, that's going to send it. That's what he did.

And to your point about how the ebb and flow of the points goes, listen, Ryan Blaney was literally right in front of me when that caution came out. He ends up winning the race. I have no clue how he got--

- Sure.

REGAN SMITH: --how he got up there still to this point. So a lot of things can change as you're going, and Jimmie may have just not known where the points were.

- But you were-- you were very confident going into the weekend and when you look at it, 6th in Stage 1, second in Stage 2, you guys had done a lot of things to put yourself in position to advance, for sure.

CHAD KNAUS: We did. We went there with a plan. We wanted to cap-- we wanted to qualify well, we wanted to capture stage points in Stage 1. Very concerned about getting those initial stage points because at a road course race, sometimes it's difficult to get back up there to get those second-stage points. We were able to get second-stage points by finishing second, so we had really good progress right there and I really felt confident that finishing there the top 10, we would be fine, especially capturing those points.

Unfortunately, we didn't, man, and it stings, it's painful, but it's the reality. We'll just-- we'll just go forward and make it happen. We didn't lose that-- we didn't not transfer because of that move. We didn't transfer because of what we'd done the prior 20-something races. That's what put us in that hole, so it wasn't that move. Everybody needs to understand that.