Brad Keselowski breaks down his big ROVAL wreck & Jimmie Johnson’s move on Martin Truex Jr.

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Brad Keslowski goes 'Next Level' with Adam Alexander to break down his big wreck at the Charlotte ROVAL and Jimmie Johnson's move on Martin Truex Jr.

- Let's go six laps remaining, you're leading the race at Charlotte, and I'm thinking, man, this could be four out of five for you.

- Me too, it was feeling pretty good, feeling pretty good. Here we see the restart lines. Couple of things to notice, Kyle Larson beside me. I didn't get the greatest launch as you can see a little wheel spin.

And here's another key thing to look at right about here. This, my friends, is the marker which signifies what's hard to see right now, where you're supposed to break into the corner. But if we carry a little bit further forward, because Kyle Larson and I, being the competitors we are, drove in a little deeper, this is where we actually broke.

So you see that's a two. It's kind of compelling. The other marker's a four. Those represent how far away from the corner you are. And basically, Kyle Larson and I just tried to beat each other to the corner and I won.

- Some of this, though, is not just like mismanagement of where you are on track, on older tires, not a lot of grip, which you guys really hadn't experienced all weekend, right?

- Mismanagement is part of it. There's a couple other factors. I struggled quite honestly with the glare. I couldn't see the markers, so I actually drove off with Kyle Larson and Kyle buried it down in there and we all went with a-- we all went together into it.

So and I just missed the corner, quite frankly. Got a little bit of front lock up. You're going to see a little bit of smoke here come off the left front corner. That's where the brakes are locked up. And the tire is not spinning, it's dragging. That's me just saying, please, please stop then turn, and unfortunately it didn't work out.

- Larson gets in the wall with you, somehow recovers, and eventually advances. And your teammate, Ryan Blaney, was right there as well. NASCAR keeps him in the same position and he is able to move on and obviously go on and get the win.

So as we look at that final lap and what happened between Martin Truex Jr. and Jimmy Johnson-- epic finish, right? And here it is coming back to the checkers. And it's like Jimmy Johnson's going to advance, plus seven at this stage. He gets turned around. Contact with the-- contact with Truex.

They're both taken out, and that's what opens the door for Ryan Blaney to go on and get the victory. Here's what they said after the race.

- Yeah, I've been so good into that final braking zone. I really felt like I could put some pressure on him and take a shot at it. And I got out of the scan on the back straightaway better than he did and put some pressure on him, got him loose and off the bottom, and I thought that was my chance.

Unfortunately, down here through the bumps coming on that breaking zone I just locked up the rears and couldn't control my car. And spun and I didn't think that I initially got into him. But clearly, I did and spun him around. And took myself out of a shot at the championship and obviously affected their day, which I feel bad about.

- You know, just desperation on his part. And pretty stupid really to think about because he was locked into the next round and now he's out. So I guess if there's a silver lining, that's it. You know, you're just trying to survive.

And we were in the right spot. We did everything right. We got spun out twice. And there's nothing you can do about guys running you over.

- Chad Canalis is on the show with us tomorrow. And we'll also add a little more perspective later we get radioactive. And there is some transmission of the conversation between the two late in the race. OK, let's look though at exactly what happened. Drivers seat, you're Jimmy Johnson. How aggressive are you under these circumstances plus 7, Brad?

- First off, I'm going to just go ahead and say it, Adam. I don't think Jimmy Johnson knew. There's so much going on. The Roval is hard enough to drive without thinking about points. You start throwing point scenarios at a driver and it just goes in one ear, out the other. I think he is just racing thinking, I've got to win this race and now is my opportunity.

And he's right. Jimmy was faster. Jimmy was one of the three fastest cars on the track. And this is the quarter to make the pass. But as you can see right here, he gets into it. And there's all these bumps through here. You can see some of them kind of show up a little bit through the glare here.

And those bumps upset the car. They make it very hard to break. And as he's going over, he locks up the brakes. And right here, he's now entered what's called wheel out. That's where these rear axles, the rear tires, have come up off the ground.

ADAM: You just start bouncing, right?

- When you lock up the fronts, you wrecked like I wrecked. We just saw it a minute ago. You go straight. When you lock up the rear, you start to wheel hop. You get loose. The car goes sideways. It spins out. That's when you know you're at max braking.

He spins out here, collects the 78. But again, I don't think he knew. And I do think that Jimmy Johnson was one of the fastest cars on the racetrack. The 48, the two, and the 42 were the three best. And he had a shot at it and he took it.

- He was plus seven. He went to plus eight when he actually went by Truex. But as everyone passes him, he actually beats Harvick back to the line. He ends up plus one eventually, even once Kyle Larson is able to get around Jeffrey Earnhardt--

- I honestly--

- On the final lap.

- I give him a lot of credit, Adam. He was able to get his engine restarted very, very quickly. That was impressive. You saw him do the big burn out here to try to get the launch and restart gears for a transmission that you run at a road course are very, very tall, hard to do. He actually did a great job to recover as well as he did.

- So close, and you go back to the importance of the regular season, getting playoff points. The seven time champion had none, therefore nothing to fall back on in this situation. It's a heart breaker.