Hailie Deegan talks about her historic K&N series victory

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Hailie Deegan talks with Shannon Spake about her historic K&N series victory.

- I'm sure if you listened in on Hailie Deegan's radio on Saturday night, every single person on her crew could have made radioactive because, of course, she became the very first woman in K&N history to win a race. Congratulations.

- Thank you, so much. Yeah, it was crazy, definitely.

- OK, so it's a rite of passage here at NASCAR Race Hub. So, cue the confetti.

- I swear there's confetti around here. OK, maybe that didn't work out as well we-- congratulations.

- Thank you. Thank you.

- We are very, very happy for you. Listen, I know that, you know, you talk about the fact that you don't want to be known as the best woman racer out there. You want to be known as the best racer, right? But you are a woman and you are representing the female brand out there. So how much do you embrace the historical aspect of what you were able to accomplish this weekend?

- Yeah, because it's almost like a two-road street, like you're looking at the part, like, yeah, it's cool being-- like, in NASCAR, there's not a lot of barriers that can be broken down, because a lot of things, people have already done. And so I think it's just really cool being able to be a girl and do that. But as soon as I get on the track, we're all the same.

It don't matter if I'm 17, don't matter if I'm a girl. We're out there racing each other as hard as we can, and no one takes and gives more based on when you're on the track. And people view you as that car, that car. They don't view you as like, oh, that's the 17-year-old-girl. That's the 24-year-old guy. That's the two-time champion. It's like we go by car numbers, and that's just racing.

- That's right. So what does your teammate think about the move that you made to win that race?

- I mean he was definitely heated after, but walking out of the pit-- so we ended up talking. So I think we're cool. I think we're friends, again. This whole year, both my teammates have became my friends, and we're all cool with each other.

But when it comes down to it, both our first wins like, I feel like he would have taken a swing on me if I was in his place. I mean, I think you ask any racer, they would have. And it's for the win. You see people take out their teammates for the win. You look at the race back, the Rovel--

- No doubt.

- If it's for the win, you got to go for it.

- You got to go. So what was it like going for that win? Take me inside the car, and tell me what you were going through.

- Oh my gosh. So on the track-- it was a pretty small track, and we were really good in turns three and four. But I kind of struggled in one and two, not like struggled a ton, but enough to where I could hold pace. Maybe faded a little bit back, but not that last lap we did. But I ended up hitting three and four coming to the white flag perfect.

And I was about a car length of him before that. I was like, I need to get closer if I'm going to make a move. And so coming to the white flag, I got amazing run off him. We went right up on his bumper, and I knew from that moment on like, you got to take a swing from here, Hailie. You got to do it. And I just kind of like went into that corner. And I've practiced hours at the go kart track just--

- Making that move.

- --coming and doing a little-- Yeah, bump and run. Just nothing to put him in the wall. Nothing to spin him out. Nothing to get people too heated, hopefully, but enough to where they can file right back in behind you.

And I've learned how to control that and how, like, OK, say someone's running me maybe a little more dirty, we'll drive them in a little more deeper. But, in this case, just a little nudge just to get under him. And it's what came down to the win, and we made it happen.

- I know your goals this year, the last goal that wasn't checked off was to win a race. So now you have to add more goals. What's next?

- Oh, man. I think just showing people that we can consistently win. I think that something that we got to prove is that we're not just that person who won one time and isn't going to win like ever again, that just got lucky. And I think that people are now seeing that we came out of the last race. We ran second. We got the pole.

I was like, what's one thing I can do to rebound this weekend? And somehow we've rebounded and made it even better. And so these weekends have been getting better and better. And going from now, I think we're just going to have to keep winning as many races as we can.

- Hey, yes. I love hearing that. October 13's the next time you get in that race car. Let's do a little gas and go. OK, we're going to ask you just rapid fire.

- Got it.

- Just answer one or the other. Here's question number one. Asphalt or dirt?

- I'm liking asphalt.

- Oh, my goodness.

- It's sinking in on me.

- Asphalt. OK. Two wheels or four?

- Four all the way. Two wheels--

- Four.

- Don't put me on a dirt bike.

- Automatic or manual?

- Manual.

- Manual.

- Manual.

- I learned on manual as well.

- All the way. You know those cars, you just hit the gas and it bogs down. And even like my Tacoma, my truck, I like throw it in the sport mode just so I can shift.

- Drop it into third, girl. Heels or sneakers?

- I'm 50-50. I mean, I rented sandals. No sandals with me. You either find me in a pair of sneakers or you find me in a pair of heels. Yeah, I'm wearing heels right now.

- There you go.

- I'm kind of in-between both at the moment.

- It's our shoe cam. Jab or uppercut?

- Uppercut.

- Uppercut. There you go. We know you do like to box [INAUDIBLE].

- I do.

- Thank you so--