Radioactive: Charlotte ROVAL – “Aww hell, he hit you there. (Expletive) idiot!”

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Check out all the best scanner audio from the Bank of America ROVAL 400 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

[THEMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: Here we go, history in the making at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Roval 400.

ANNOUNCER: Y'all ready to Roval? Drivers, start your engines!

ANNOUNCER: Fans are on the feet!


ANNOUNCER: Kyle Larson is going to win stage number 1. The green flag is back out here on the Roval.

MAN: 13th, ride with me, because the 20 chopped you.


ANNOUNCER: Stage 2 goes to Ryan Blaney.

ANNOUNCER: Green flag is in the air. We're back underway here at Charlotte Motor Speedway on the Roval.

ANNOUNCER: Huge playoff implications here for Austin Dillon.

ANNOUNCER: Trouble! Ricky Stenhouse got sideways!

ANNOUNCER: This is going to make things really interesting as they battle for the right to move on to round 2.

ANNOUNCER: Keselowski misses turn 1!

ANNOUNCER: Green flag is waiting. Three laps left.

ANNOUNCER: A nice job for Martin Truex, Jr., as Jimmy Johnson quickly falls into second.

ANNOUNCER: Truex and Jimmy Johnson here on the final lap! Jimmy Johnson now pulled to the bumper!

ANNOUNCER: Truex gets hit by Johnson!


Ryan Blaney will survive and win the Roval!

ANNOUNCER: This is after the race.

ANNOUNCER: Martin Truex, Jr. showing his frustration.

ANNOUNCER: Jimmy Johnson, Austin Dillon, Denny Hamlin, and Eric Jones will not be able to move on to round number 2.