Larry Mac on Jimmie Johnson: ‘He has to feel like a dog that’s been beaten with a newspaper.’

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Larry McReynolds and Casey Mears talk about Jimmie Johnson's late move on Martin Truex Jr. at the ROVAL.

- I do want to talk about, really the incident that set up the opportunity for Ryan Blaney to get this victory. And of course, that's with Jimmy Johnson in the 78 of Martin Truex Jr. You have said, all of this cannot be on Jimmy's shoulders, because a lot of people saying, should he have gone for the win, or should he have played it safe?

- Yeah, I mean there is no way I can or I will beat up Jimmy Johnson. Let's face it, for the last year and a half, he has to feel like a dog that has been beat with a newspaper. And for the very first time in a year and a half, he sees the checkered flag waving. It's there. He's running a close second to Mark Tricks Jr.

The only thing that I would love to know-- and I know Chad Canals, his crew chief, is on the show here Wednesday-- I would like to know what the conversation was during that red flag. Were they absolutely making Jimmy totally aware of what the situation was and where he was at as far as in regards to that cut line? That's the only thing I'd like to know.

But you know what? Jimmie Johnson is paid to drive a race car as hard as possible and to go out there and try to win races. And you can't put it all on his shoulders.

- I want to focus on the Jimmy side of things. Larry said, it's been a long time since he's been to victory lane, a 51 race win-less streak. There was a time when driver 48, all big picture, go win the championship. But yesterday, he got awfully aggressive going for a win, knowing if he just lays back, they're going to advance. Did that win-less streak impact how he drove the final lap yesterday?

- I mean, it's really hard to say that if it didn't have some influence to the final decision, but I like to think that that 48 team has really built their legacy on winning races. And if they win a bunch of races, they win championships, you know? So I don't know that Jimmy's mind set was a whole lot different there at the end on that last corner.

He was within range of making a pass and winning a race. And he did what he needed to do, or he tried to do what he wanted to do to win that race. It didn't quite work out. But I don't know that that approach would have been any different, you know, had it been four years ago.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: You know, he didn't win 83 races, or has won 83 races, by being content with a nice solid run and a nice solid finish. And you know what? Here we are. We do it. This is what we do. Here we are 24 hours later, breaking it all down. Jimmy Johnson had just a cup of three seconds to make the decision on what to do right there.