Matt DiBenedetto takes his new Mustang through a car wash with Daryl Motte

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Get to know Matt DiBenedetto as he takes his new Mustang through a car wash with Daryl Motte

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Drivers are just like us. They don't have a lot of free time, so sometimes, the only way to get an interview is to run errands with them. And today, we're going to wash Matt D's car.

- Well, this isn't a car.


- This-- this is my baby, actually.

- Oh, OK. All right.

- This is my 2017 Shelby GT350.

- Well, let's make it shine.

- Let's do it.

DARYL MOTTE: Here we go. And I like going slow at this part, too. This is my other-- like you try to go a little slow--

- Oh, yeah.

- --to get the undercarriage.

- Well, you got to get the maximum effect from the wash.

DARYL MOTTE: What else you got for the rest of your day?

MATT DIBENEDETTO: I'm going to the race shop.

- Oh, you got work?

- Define work.

- Do you like have meetings?

- Well, a little debrief about our last race. So, yeah, go to the race shop for a little bit.

DARYL MOTTE: You know how like there's like three seconds left in the sports game, and they huddle up?


DARYL MOTTE: You know all they're saying is like, we should try to win this. Is that kind of what meetings are like at a race shop? Are they like, hey, how did it go? Good. I want to go faster.

- Yeah. Basically. What do we need to do to go faster?

DARYL MOTTE: As much as you love this car, I heard a rumor that you, actually, tested with this at the Roval.

- I had to-- I had to improvise. So we--

- This is-- you took this car to the Roval test.

- We couldn't test my Cup car. So we didn't have the time, or resources, or-- or funds to go do the-- the test. So I was like, well, there just so happens to be an open track today, and I have a GT350.

- So you took it to the track to test.

- Yeah. I did.

- I heard there's a good chance we're going to see some damaged race cars. Didn't that concern you?

MATT DIBENEDETTO: Yeah. There's-- appears to me all of about zero passing zones on that track.

- Did you suffer any damage with your baby?

- So I, actually, drugged the splitter, and I broke one of the braces on the front splitter. So, yeah, that's why it doesn't have the splitter on it right now. It's getting repaired, but it's OK. It'll be back fine.

- This is in the name of testing.

- Yeah. I had to do what I had to do. It was my only option. And this is a track inspired car, so it ran really good. Like it was, actually, fast.

DARYL MOTTE: Oh, it's time for our-- our lightning round. We got-- we'll do a little trivia. We got 50 seconds. You ready?

- Well, yeah. We're about done. You better hurry up.

- All right. Tell me as many-- name as many famous Matts as you can in 40 seconds. Go.

- Oh, all right, all right-- Matthew McConaughey.

- Yeah. OK. That's one.

- Matt Damon.

- Yeah.

- Matthew Perry--

- You got it.

- --from "Friends." Isn't there another?

DARYL MOTTE: There's another one.

- Matt LeBlanc.

- Yeah, yeah. OK.

- Yeah. Let's switch to football. Matthew Stafford.

- Got it.

- Matt Forte.

- 20 seconds.

- Matt Ryan.

- Matt Ryan. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

- Isn't that-- Matthew--

- Matthew--

- Matthew Broderick.

- Yeah. OK. You got 10 seconds.

- Yeah, Matthew Broderick.


- Matt Kenseth, Matt Kenseth.

- Matt. You.

- Matt DiBenedetto.

- Yeah. There was one on "Lost." Matthew Fox.

- Oh.

- I gave you that one.

- Yeah. All right.

- Three seconds to go. Oh, man, we did it.

- I've lost. That's all I got.

- Oh.

- That's it.

DARYL MOTTE: All right, man, that was pretty good.

- I think we're good.

- Hey, by the way--

- She cleaned up.

- --I got you a little gift, a little Ford blue--

- Oh, you didn't have to do that.

- --tree for you. Thanks for letting me run errands with you today. (SNIFFING) That smells pretty good, man.

- Yeah.

- Do you smell that?

- Yeah. (SNIFFS) Dude, you got to be freaking [BLEEP] me.

- Literally.

- Dude.

- Let's go again, man.

- Every damn time, I swear.