Breaking down all the latest updates and driver changes in an already wild silly season

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew break down all the latest silly season updates after it was announced that Noah Gragson, Ryan Newman, and AJ Allmendinger will all be on the move.

- Hello and welcome to "NASCAR Race Hub." With Shannon Spake, I'm Adam Alexander. How many fingers am I holding up, Shannon?

- One, two, three, four, five.

- That's how many days until we're racing where?

- Roval.

- On the Roval. There's two mentions in what is going to be a great edition of "NASCAR Race Hub," because we have so many superstars in the studio.

- We sure do. Jeff Hammond is here. Brad Keselowski is here to talk about Richmond and the Roval. Alan Cavanna, Christopher Bell, Blake Koch, full house.

- The list goes on and on. Right now, the Daily Fuel presented by our friends at Golden Corral. Silly season, as you know, is in full effect.

This news breaking over the weekend, Ryan Newman in 2019 going to be driving for the Roush Fenway organization, taking over the number six Mustang. This will be his fourth team in 17 seasons at NASCAR's top level. Going to be interesting to see how they fit together, Shannon.

SHANNON SPAKE: Sure thing. Some more driver news out today on the Xfinity side. Noah Gragson was announced as the new driver for the number one Chevy for Jr. Motorsports in 2019.

So the 20-year-old Las Vegas native has two seasons of truck series racing under his belt currently, with two career wins, 10 top fives, and he currently sits fourth in the playoff standings for the trucks. Congratulations to Noah.

ADAM ALEXANDER: And AJ Allmendinger was announced today by JTG Daugherty Racing that he will not return to the 47 car in 2019. Of course, he went over there in 2014 to drive for Tad and Jody Scheckter, had great success, made the playoffs, won a race at Watkins Glen. But unfortunately, that relationship will come to an end at the end of this season.

They are expected to announce a replacement later this week. And while they haven't said what driver it will be, sources around the garage and reports are out that it will be Ryan Priest, who, of course, is a modified champion and has enjoyed great success in the Xfinity series with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Here to talk all things NASCAR, Jeff Hammond. We call him Hollywood.

- Good to be here.

- And Brad Keselowski, who I think, despite the fact he didn't win four in a row, is still the hottest driver.

- I'm glad you still like me, Adam.

- Yeah, well, only because you're here, right. No, I'm kidding.

- Hey, reaction to silly season, because in addition to the news we just delivered, RCR's got a press conference on Friday. What do you guys think about all this?

- You know, we weren't really talking about silly season this year. Everybody was so focused, I think, on the Roval, we kind of forgot about it.

Now all of a sudden, it's starting to happen. And Brad, I'll be honest with you, I don't think that we've seen the last of some of these moves and some of the drivers that go. And some of these rides are going to be pretty big and pretty surprising. Don't forget the 41 car.

- I agree Jeff. The 41 car sticks out to me. And I look at the 41 car and say, we have not seen the last domino falls.

Gene Haas has come out and made a statement, says, I think there's something more that's going to happen here. I'm going to wait it out. And he's waiting it out with probably one of the best rides right now. This is a car, Jeff, that can win races and contend for a championship.

- I agree.

- Yeah, OK. So we're going to talk a lot about the silly season. It's going to continue to go on the rest of the year.