Here’s why Chase Elliott was not penalized on that final pit stop at Watkins Glen

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Adam Alexander and Drew Blickensderfer explain why Chase Elliott was not penalized by NASCAR on his final pit stop in Watkins Glen.

- Let's take you to that final pit stop in Sunday's race in Watkins Glen for eventual winner Chase Elliott. That's front tire changer Nick O'Dell who gets clipped. He was OK. Good news, the service put Chase out front. It's that track position that led to his first career victory.

A lot of fans on Twitter saying, wait a minute, equipment left the box. Why wasn't the nine car penalized here, Drew?

- Well, if the fans would also watch, a lot of times--

- I love that, by the way.

- Yes. A lot of times before the pit stop even starts, you go into the other box to get to either the right rear of the right front tire, depending on where your driver stops. The crew member can take the equipment out of the box himself, as long as he is still in possession with it. It's when it leaves on the car that's the problem.

- So if you leave the wedge wrench in or the fuel can still stuck and the driver pulls away.

- Exactly.

- And I think the rule also reads that a driver can take-- crew member, rather, can take equipment through an adjacent box while servicing the vehicle, right?

- Yeah, that's right. A lot of times a rear tire changer will jump off and go into the box behind them to get to the right rear tire, and there's no problem with that. We're rolling that tire back to the wall.

- Yeah, he's obviously in possession of that gun the entire time.