What is most impressive about Kyle Busch’s career?

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew explain what they would say is the most impressive fact about Kyle Busch's career.

- I'm not sure what's most impressive-- the 192 wins, when you combine Truck Xfinity, and Cup, the 49 at NASCAR's top level, tying with Tony Stewart on the all-time wins list, or, Larry, the fact that he's only 33 years old.

- That's the one I keep promoting-- just turned 33 back in May. But to know he is the only active driver to have a win at every single active cup track that we go to, to me, that's a number that is amazing-- and at 33 years old.

This is his 14th full time season. I don't see him going away no time soon. I do not want to do anything or say anything to dilute Jimmy Johnson's numbers-- 83 wins and seven championships. But Kyle Busch, currently, today, is the best driver on the track, I think.

- When I look at-- and what I love about Kyle Busch and respect him is the fact he does it his way. You love him or you hate him. He says what he wants to say. He goes out there and pretty much tells you that he's the best and then he proves it.

So to me, that's what stands out, is the fact that he just cares so much about the sport. But he cares to do it in his own way.

But on the other side of that, if you don't like him, then you can talk about what he has done for such young drivers. We talk about Eric Jones. We talk about Christopher Bell right now in the Xfinity series. Daniel Suarez-- a lot of these guys, they've all come from Kyle Bush Motorsports. He's given back to the sport. He's shown the sport how much he cares.

He almost cares about giving as much back as he does winning. But that still takes the cake there, is him winning.

- I heard this about another competitor. And I think this fits Kyle Busch to a T. He hates losing more than he loves winning. He strives for perfection. And I think that's one of the many things that makes him as good as he is.

- Without a doubt. And he's such an emotional guy, as you talked about. But he's been able to harness that. And I've seen it, really, in the last few years.

To be able to maintain the focus at the level that he is and continue to win when he's balancing his home life, his wife, and his child-- Braxton, they're always at the racetrack. They're always part of his daily life.

And then, like you said, giving back-- all those young guys, and managing Kyle Busch Motorsports. That's just not run by somebody else. He's very much a part of it.

- Yeah, and had so much success along the way, whether it's behind the wheel, as an owner, or a mentor to so many young drivers.