Ricky Stenhouse Jr. on Daytona: ‘Respect goes out the window.’

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Ricky Stenhouse Jr. talks about the type of racing he expects to see at Daytona.

- So here are the last two Daytona July winners. You have Brad Keselowski and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

Question. What do they have in common? Ford. Ford-powered earned them their victories in Daytona.

And here is Stenhouse in the Daytona media center earlier today.

- I think respect kind of goes out the window at the end of every race. You know, we all want to win. And here at Daytona there's so many options and so many different things and ways the race can play out. And you might think you have it. And then all of a sudden you don't. And-- but I think that goes all the way back through the field. You know, for us if we can come in here and gain 30 or 40 points on the guys that were racing for 16th, then we go into Kentucky, next week all of a sudden we're inside looking at the playoffs instead of from the outside.

So, you know, we all go as hard as we can here on those-- these last few laps at the speedways, and generally is the reason why there's always wrecks at the end, because we know it's a good opportunity for us to win.

- Hey. Hey, did you hear that Jeff Hammond picked Stenhouse to win.

- I've heard about it.

- Did you?

- Yea, I heard that earlier.

- That was a little bit earlier in the show--

- Yea. Yea. How about that Jeff.

- --when we made our Mobile One picks.

OK. 23 under the cut line is where the 17 team is right now. So if you were in that position, Bobby, would you go into this race aggressive? Or would you be more on the conservative side and try to get as many points as you can.

- I would think if I were in Ricky's shoes, I'd be more aggressive. And I mean, obviously we've seen him be aggressive at these type of racetracks. He won there last year. Won Talladega as well.

So I think at that point in time with the cutoff point where he's at, no one at the racetracks he's going to aren't quite the ones that he-- he's going to run the best at maybe. This is his chance. So he needs to go out there be more aggressive.